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Mostly behind the scenes update this morning

By: Adam Plumb 9.5 years ago
Hi All, some of you may have noticed the servers restarting this morning, and that is because I was making some improvements to how rooms were handled. Also, I've been wanting to make some rule changes for a while.

First, the rule changes:

  • Now, when you enter a game after it has started, you won't get rated for that game. So you can start playing right away and not worry about what happens!
  • Hatching now happens after five games instead of ten. This only affects new players, but I think the quicker hatching will be nice so people don't have to wait quite so long to get rated, but still have some practice time.

  • The other changes are mostly behind the scenes, but are laying the groundwork for SerpentineMobile and for some fun new features like "Room of the Day".

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