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04/29/2013 3:16PM
Notice anything different around here?
That's right, Serpentine has been completely overhauled and improved! Hopefully you will feel that most of the changes are for the better, but I want to hear your feedback, so let me know how you feel. The first change I want you to notice is that you'll now use <a href=""></a> to get here instead of Second, just take a look around and get comfortable with the new digs.
<br /><br />
This monumental change has been brought about by my desire to improve the Serpentine experience in order to acquire more traffic and more players. To do this, I've streamlined the process of jumping into a game (no need to register, just click "Start Playing" and you'll be logged in as a guest), and I've also put a lot of work into making the new player experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. The biggest change in this regard is how new players get their ratings. Newly registered players will start off with a rating of 0, then after playing ten games they will "hatch" and will be rewarded with a certain number of rating points the game thinks is appropriate. What this means is that rather than starting everyone at 1200 by default, and having to watch your rating get decimated game after game, you'll start at an appropriate level and work your way up! Another addition is the Achievement system, which rewards you for certain actions, such as getting a long word, winning a round, or any number of other things. You can see other players' achievements and they can see yours, and you can even show them off if you want.
<br /><br />
However, the biggest change to the change is <a href="/view/upgrade">Premium Accounts</a>, which gives you lots of additional social features that will both make your experience here more fun and engaging, but also help to directly support this game, which keeps me and my family fed. <a href="/view/upgrade">Premium Accounts</a> cost a small amount each month (they are not necessary to play Serpentine), but if you spend any length of time here, you're going to want to get in on this! What you get for your money is a completely ad-free experience, the ability to make friends, make your own custom Serpentine rooms, send whisper chats to friends, and invite players to your games (and this list will grow over time).
<br /><br />
One final thing about <a href="/view/upgrade">Premium Accounts</a>. Many of you have been incredibly generous over the years and your donations have helped keep Serpentine afloat! That's why, anyone who has ever donated gets one free month as a <a href="/view/upgrade">Premium Account</a> member. Anyone that has donated $25 or more gets six months free. And for the three people who have donated more than $50, Doris Bryant, Nick Yuran, and Faye Kyle, you're getting free lifetime Premium Accounts!
<br /><br />
I'm very excited for this phase of Serpentine and to see how things work out, so please let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback on anything, including the new site design, or game tweaks you think might make the game more enjoyable. Also, please bear with me for a few days as I iron out any kinks in the new design and game, as there will most likely be a few.
<br /><br />
Thanks!<br />
<br /><br />
<b>Note</b>: For the people who starting trying to login right away, there was an issue with the login system that I've found and fixed, but unfortunately you will need to <a href="/view/forgotten">reset your password</a> in order to login. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I wasn't able to get the rooms to load with Firefox, but was able with EI.

I don't seem to be able to play, most of the room links don't do anything when I click them. The 3 rooms featured on the home page seem to come up but just sit on "loading" forever.

I know it takes a lot to get an overhaul like this off the ground at first so no worries, but in case it's helpful I'm using Chrome 26.0.1410.65 on a Mac with OS X Lion (10.7).

Thanks for all the hard work!


Rooms aren't loading for me either - I'm also running Chrome on a Mac (Snow Leopard).

Edit: Immediately after posting this, rooms starting loading for me - still unsure why, since I didn't change anything.

Hey guys, I did fix a room loading bug about an hour ago, but also this might be related to cache issues, which is something in your browser. What you can try is going to the lobby or a game board and hit the refresh button. That might solve the problem

Same issues for me.....can't get in with old or new password

I sure do notice something different!
I, too, am unable to get into a room. Goes to the page, but just says Loading. I did clear my cache, didn't help.

adam, you emailed me a new password. i was able to use it to sign in, but can't figure out how to change it.

also, i can't get into any games. i've tried both from ie and chrome, but nothing seems to work. any other ideas?

New password here too. Where do I change it? And, still not able to get into any rooms.
Edit: Ok, click on your user name in the top right corner. Takes you to your profile page, you can change your password there.
But still not able to get in a room.

adam - i love cobra dragon games. and as you can verify, i play all the time. but i don't like this screen so much. and it has been very hard to get on. now i'm worried i won't be able to play as much.

Thank you for all of your hard work into creating the new site. However, the only thing that I have a slight problem with is the green background. For me, it is really hard on my eyes and the transition. Is there a way that it could be a neutral background? Again, thanks for everything! It is much appreciated.

Nothing will load here. Cleared history and cache in firefox,,now using IE and same story,,Jes keeps saying "loading" but it never Played this afternoon with no problem on firefox, same as usual. Ive reset password also,to no avail....

Hi Adam,
So far I like the new format. I can see the big letters.

I would like to see a 7X7 room where the minimum word length is 5 letters long rather than six letters. Or can you do this in a private room?

The most visible combination of colors for prolonged reading/writing is lime green on purple or vice versa. I use a writing program and it allows for any combination of colors for writing. The above color combination is most recommended for its ease on the eyes. Sometimes I write 10,000 words at a sitting and my eyes never tire.

I would love to see a vaster difference between the colors of Egg and Class C. So maybe White/Egg, Beige/Hatching, Brown/Class D, and Purple or Lavender/Class C.

I would love to see a bigger area for words and maybe a darker green as the lighter green is difficult to read. I do like the blue highlighted words which are mine. And I love the blue names in the chat.

The chat lags bad.

The board lags worse, especially if I type fast.

I love the premium account options. I was going to suggest it.

Thank you.

i cant get into the rooms (they dont load).

I think I reset my password, but to no avail

i also cant get into any of the rooms...I click but they dont load!

Impressed by the huge amount of changes - the site got a complete overhaul!

At the risk of sounding ungrateful, there are a few problems:

Major problem: Word inputting seems to have been slowed down - I am typing faster than it is being recognized, meaning 's' often gets cut off from one entry and put at the start of the next (or any other starting/ending letter) which makes it extremely difficult to play. Not sure what change is causing this, but it's a major nuisance.

Minor things: I miss having different colors for getting a word and getting a word first - it's extremely useful at the start of rounds to figure out which patterns I should play and which ones I should leave for later.

- The boards are massive compared to the rest of the text. Letter highlighting is a kinda unnecessary change, and is distracting more than anything else (although I am sure some people prefer having it)

-Did you put in ads? I know it's one of the premium features, and I'm running adblock so I don't see any - but even when I disabled adblock, I saw no ads on the site. Obviously not a complaint on my end, just something that would matter to you.

I like the addition of achievements, and the site looks a lot nicer than it did before! Just a few gameplay changes to make it run a bit smoother and it'll be set!

Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into some of your suggestions tomorrow. You were right about the premium accounts, there was a bug and for a while everyone had premium access. This is fixed now and you should start seeing ads again.

its still very hard. the last letters of words being cut off. can we get back the old screen? how do i pay the premium? also, have you thought about putting the answer words in alphabetical order (by size of course)?

I am on a Mac 10.8.3 and use Safari, well, I did before the changes. I can no longer use it. I am using Chrome and experience both the lag in chat and on the board (everyone who types fast has that problem).

For me the lag on the board cuts off the first letters not the last letters. Go figure. That does not make sense.

A friend cannot even get on Serpentine. She is on a PC and tried IE, Firefox, and Chrome. Nothing works. She cleared the cache. She gets to the lobby part where all the rooms show and none of the links work. If she backs up to the first lobby page, the links work but the page just sits there not loading a board.

please tell me how to reset my password. I cannot get in with my name and password that I have been using for a number of years. If I try to make a new name and use the same email address, it says that has been taken.

I sent you an email concerning this and the name and password I would like to use. Please reply. Pinky

i can't play at all..nothing comes up

I too use Firefox and the rooms aren't loading for me.

Hi Adam,

Are you going to add back the note at the bottom of the screen that tells you
how many more words you need to break even? I really miss that. The game is less fun to play without it.

I also miss how words used to appear in a different color if you got them first. It was nice to be able to scan the list after a game and see that.

One more little complaint. Its nice to have a warning when you've misspelled a word, but the "uh-oh" voice is kind of high-pitched and annoying.

Overall, the new design is very nice.

Please change the color scheme... way too much green, especially the green on green game board. I love everything else you did tho.

adam - every time i leave the room i lose point. even if i didn't play. sometimes when i go into the game it's already started, so i leave. and then ding, its more than 10 points. what are the rules now? this is bad.

I am unable to load rooms on a desktop with Windows XP/Internet Explorer 8. However, I am able to load rooms and play on a laptop with Windows 8/Internet Explorer 10. I'd prefer to play on my desktop. Is there any way to make the game playable for us dinosaurs?

I am on Windows 7 desktop! I can not get in for anything!
Adam, I have probably played more games than anyone on this site! Won't take my old or let me create a new password!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just loads game forever and I never get in!
Please help!

I just want to make sure you've read my post here adam.

I'd like to know what you think.

In addition, I see that the mousing still isn't as good as it was in tangle word. I suggest to make the area which inputs a letter an octagon or diamond as opposed to the outline of the letter itself.

Also, the game doesn't load fast enough for fast typists after hitting submit. It doesn't catch the first few letters.

I didn't see that suggestion until now. I'm not exactly sure what I think of the idea. I don't have any mechanisms in place that enforce a certain number of points or words, it functions just like rolling a set of dice would. I'll think about it.

it'd be a great room type, if anything.

i'd pay big for different game types here too.

for example, a board vanishing after 5 or so seconds and invisible for the remaining time left of the round.

or a word racer-like theme where first come first serve, words found are posted on a little list.

or starting off with a 3x3 grid and adding one letter around it until it reaches 5x5 or 6x6.

or have the first 20 seconds of a round be dedicated to 3 letter min words, and the next 4 letters, so on and so forth.

i've even liked the idea of a multi-themed game type. basically multitasking as anagrams like that seen in aerolith pop up and disappear regardless if you pay attention to them while several small boards come and go.

the letter pattern on a grid is just a unique twist on the game, like all other suggestions i make.

these are the kinds of things that get me excited.

First, I want to thank you for creating this site and do truly appreciate all the effort you must put into it. However, I have to admit I'm not a fan of the recent change but it's not a big issue for me. The biggest problem I have, is it keeps cutting off the first letter of the majority of the words I type. I played for 20 minutes today and on each game I probably only got half the words I typed accepted. I lost a significant amount of points, and my placement for each game was far lower than usual for me. It would be great if this could be fixed.

And a PS...I did disable the letter highlighting and it still cut off my words.

Hi Adam, This is pretty neat - the green board and design. I'm wondering if you could please make the board a bit smaller (in proportion to what is there) so that we can see the entire board easily? I heard another player saying that when she shrunk the board to a good size, the chat was too small.
Also, the word list on the left has green words. I'm finding them difficult to read as they are very light. Could you please make them bolder or a stronger colour?
And the last thing - the number of words left chart - it's pretty spread out when the board is larger (to see the chat well) and for me anyway, not easy to see the entire thing at one glance. This could be done easily on your last page you designed. It's just a bit spread out.
Of course, my issues could be because I have cataracts... but so will others.
Thanks for asking for comments and I think what you are doing is great.
JO (mojo)

Adam - also, I've been reading other people's comments and I see several are talking about the color green. Personally I'm fine with it, but I'm told that a decent percentage of the population is partially or totally color blind. I used to date a guy who had to focus carefully on traffic lights to figure out if they were green or red (top or bottom light, he said is how he could tell). Not sure if that is why people don't like the green, but you might consider what they are saying from that perspective too.


I use a laptop - always have. I love it, but laptops don't always have very big screens, and mine is no exception. The larger board size means I can't see the board and the countdown clock at the same time. Could you please add a feature so we can reduce the size of what we see back to what it used to look like? Right now it's as if you've made my screen into a magnifying glass and I can only see one part of the game area at a time.

Thank you!

Always grateful for all that you do for us players!

Julia (Tannline)

I've updated the board this morning, please take a look and see if it fits better on your screen.

As someone who can see himself being too addicted on the gigantic and jumbo boards, i'd like to request 7 minutes and 5 minutes respectively instead of 4 on each.

4 minutes is simply not enough time for boards as large as those.

I'd also like a 7 letter minimum room as well for 8x8, please.

Yes please, Adam - a 7-letter min. room using the currently largest sized board.

As an aside: I too dislike the green board. The letter blocks could be considerably smaller, too. That would help a heap with mousing strain.

Thanks a bunch for what you've done so far.

Adam, I wasn't able to get into the new format for a few days, but now I can. Mousing never worked for me before, but works great now. I'm still faster at typing though.

I like the most of the changes, but here are a few little things that would be nice to fix ...
1. Word List -- at the end of the game, please scroll up to the top of the list so we can see the longest words and what our best words were. Right now, it's leaving the scroller at whatever location it was when we finished the game.
2. Countdown -- you have gained/lost xx points, you need xx points to stay even .... this used to be located below the letter board but is now in small print under the word list. I prefer it under the letter board where it was in my line of sight while playing (i don't usually look to the word list while playing).
3. Chat - we miss a lot of the chat because everything scrolls by quickly. I liked the old format where the comments started right after the person'sr name (on the same line, not on the line after).
4. Color jackets ... we used to see the categories (and scores needed) whenever we were playing ... can you put these back on the page with the game boards?

Thanks so much! - ellemay

I'm glad you like most of the changes. I will look into the word list scroll issue, and I'll think about returning the colors to the game page. The issue there is just that there is a very limited amount of space, and I wanted to eliminate anything that wasn't essential from the game board. I'm continually tweaking this, though, so I may come up with a solution.

Hi Adam
First of, congrats on the new site

Now I don't know if it's just me, but it seems that the new platform cannot cope with fast-ish typing..... I've just tried playing a few rounds (I always play in the 30 sec room), and every time I hit enter, and start typing a new words straight away, my words appear in the game box incorrectly, having been "cut" wrongly.....

Now don't get me wrong, I do lots of typos... But I have noticed that if I go a lot slower, it works fine..... So, could you check that please? I obviously can't play in 30 sec if the game can't take words in at a fast pace... which would be a real shame as this is all I play on here
Many thanks Adam
varumba x

I've added an option to disable letter highlighting when typing, can you try to disable it and see if that resolves your issue?

Even without letter highlighting the input lag has made this unplayable (imo) since the overhaul.

tried it without the highlighting, and works fine

So ty for the suggestion

var x

I really miss having my running total showing under the board.

half of the words i enter for game and half of the text i enter in chat do not show up when i hit enter, forcing me to retype them, sometimes over and over and over again. this was happening even in the old format, but i thought i raise the issue now that you're working on everything.

Guest7030 has been awarded the Master of Four Letters Award!
Guest7030 has been awarded the PalindromemordnilaP Pro Award!
Guest7030 has been awarded the Master of Six Letters Award!
Guest7030 has been awarded the Longest Word Award!

Why are these pop-ups happening. It is very distracting during the game.

just found another one Guest7030 has been awarded the Seven Dirty Words Savant Award! For the word tit which is defined in the dictionary as "a bird." Are these words "dirty" too - prick, screw, ass . . .

I pricked my thumb with the screw when I fell of the ass I was riding?


I didn't mean to post this anonymously - I just used the "guest" feature to avoid losing points.

And there are some lovely improvements to the site - like the guest feature.

I believe its a reference to the 7 words you can't say on TV according to George Carlin. You can google to see what those are.
However, I do agree that all the awards given in the chat are very distracting.

i promise i will pay for this game when you get it right! Ive always said that!

I tried to join the yearly program!!!!!!!!!!! No luck! Says my Paypal account is not correct! I tried your email address, that did not work either!
I do have some questions about the yearly program as well, hence I wanted to be able to email you!
P.S. Paypal works fine with other places I use it!

You can always email me at if you have any questions.

I have a problem with the sounds. Every time I enter the room (I play only in the 6x6 5's room) I have all the sound effects, even though "round ding" is ON and "validation sounds" is OFF. No matter what combination of turning these on and off, I have either all or nothing. I want the "round ding" on because I often do other things between games (see below) and if I don't hear the "ding" I miss the start of the next round.

Time between games has been increased from 1 to 1.5 minutes. The only reason I can think of for this is to allow time for more chat. Most of the time when I'm playing there's hardly any chat at all, so this just means having more time to sit and look at an inactive screen - or try to do other things. IMO most of us are here for the games, not to socialize.

I am unhappy with the new screen design. When I adjust my screen so that the board is a comfortable size the fonts of the screen are too small and there's lots of empty space around the board. I'd also like to see the size of the chat box increased.

Sorry about the sound issues, these have been fixed as of this morning. Regarding the intermission length, that is just one room that was increased to 90 seconds, and that was a mistake unfortunately. I've updated the settings, but they won't take affect until the next time I restart the server, which may not be for another day or two.

adam - can you please explain the penalty for leaving the game? thanks

There is no penalty for leaving the game. The way it works is, if you started writing out words and then leave for some reason, the game will rate you at whatever your score was when you left.

but Adam, that doesn't make sense. if you leave before the end, say within the first 1/2 of the game, you've missed alot of words. you end up being cut 10 points. if you're doing other things or have to take calls, you're penalized. what's the logic of that?

I agree completely. And it's especially offputting now when so many of us are having trouble adjusting to the changes.

I am guessing that this is an attempt to adjust for complaints about one or two players (in the 4's room?) who make a habit of leaving near the end of a game if they aren't doing well. You are punishing the ratings of many players, which is totally unfair, especially since YOU DID NOT NOTIFY US OF THIS CHANGE IN THE RATING SYSTEM. Complaints about losing points for "no apparent reason" are appearing in the chat box between games. Sadly a lot of complaints are only in the chat boxes and not getting to you.

Just want to add - sometimes when I play there is significant lag or the board freezes completely. Now when that happens, even if I leave the room, I will lose points.

FYI, this rule of rating players when they left the room has always been in effect. Unfortunately, there was a bug where if a player left the room to go to the lobby then it wouldn't take effect. This bug has been fixed.

I wandered around a few of the new rooms to see what they were like. I just wanted to watch for a bit. I lost points when I left the room.

I work hard for my points.

There is something strange going on in the 6X6, 5 letter limit room. It does not allow for 5 letter words. I went in and checked the last words entered on the board and there are no 5 letter words only 6 letter words and above.


I don't know if this is affecting other people, but I find the new colours almost impossible to use. I can only play two or three rounds now -- the visual strain is too uncomfortable to stay any longer.

I'm in my sixties so my vision isn't perfect, but I don't generally have trouble with most websites. But this has made me virtually stop playing Serpentine.

Nice job. My only comments would be that the text size relative to the board is all very small - I have to blow the page up a lot to comfortably see the running score (i.e., number of points I need to break even) as well as the words I'm typing, which makes the board overlarge. The running score could also be better situated; it's a little off to the side.

90 seconds between rounds is far too long for me - a minute was already long. If I need a break I can always just skip a round, so the intervals don't really have a purpose that I can discern, other than forcing me to wait!

Also, I hope you had permission to list the full names of those who've donated in the announcement? For a pseudonym-based environment, it seemed a little jarring to see a player's real name

adam - i've tested it, and regardless of status in the game, every time i leave i lose 10 points. have you checked this or is this a new rule?

If you make any attempts to get word points during a round, it will count you in the pool of rated users. However, when the next round starts, you should have a clean slate and will not be rated.

Yeah, that's not how it works. I just went to a room, arriving after game start ... I did not start, did not do anything except sit there and watch. Phone rang, had to take the call, excited the room and was docked 4 points for no reason at all. Totally unfair, totally absurd, especially considering that the major way people cheat on this site is to have multiple identities, something this ridiculous penalty does nothing to address.

is there any chance you can make an 8x8 game, 6 or 7 letter minimum, don't care, that runs for 15 minutes?

also, when there are over 150 or so words in a board, not all of the words show up at the end. only the first 150 of all from largest to smallest. could you please show all words? thanks

(No Text)

You can do this yourself if you have a Premium Account. You can make custom rooms with those exact rules.

FYI, regarding the word list yes I do limit that to around 150 words. I'll look into increasing that and see what kind of effect it has.
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