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06/5/2014 2:13PM
Upcoming improved reliability and iPad/Tablet compatibility
Hi all, I've been doing some work behind the scenes that I'm hoping will improve Serpentine's reliability and get rid of those pesky connection issues that have been plaguing the site since it's inception. The other upside of these changes will be that we'll finally have ipad and android tablet compatibility, which I know many of you have been asking for. I haven't fully tested out compatibility with those devices yet, so that is still to come, but I will hopefully be rolling out the initial changes tomorrow morning (look for the game to be down for a bit around 9am EST). Once the initial changes have been vetted, I'll get to work on providing a good tablet experience.

Hi Adam, I can't wait to play Serpentine on my Android!!!! Serpentine is going to TAKE OFF once it's available in the Play Store. I look forward to writing one of the first reviews! Thanks for everything you do!
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»  Upcoming improved reliability and iPad/Tablet compatibilityadamplumb06/5/2014 2:13PM
»  RE: Upcoming improved reliability and iPad/Tablet compatibilityOooooopsie07/20/2014 11:34AM