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Posted by AdamPlumb

The dictionary file that Serpentine uses, which is called the SOWPODS dictionary, has 173,528 words.

This is incorrect. SOWPODS has 267,751 words.

Serpentine doesn't use SOWPODS and this can be quickly shown by running a sample Serpentine board through a SOWPODS solver such as these: I've done this many times and I won't dump a bunch of data here, but it's pretty glaring seeing the Serpentine word list and solved SOWPODS word list side by side.

I'm not sure what dictionary Serpentine uses, but I would prefer if it was SOWPODS because I play various other word games which uses SOWPODS, which seems to be the gold standard for word game dictionaries going forward. As it stands, I have to remember which SOWPODS words don't work when I'm playing Serpentine.

In conclusion, please switch to the current SOWPODS dictionary. Every new word game coming out will be using SOWPODS and it will only limit the new players that may be willing to play Serpentine if we are using a non-standard dictionary.
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