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Several years ago I decided to create my own version of a boggle-type game modeled after the late Tangleword that featured a sophisticated rating system and the best competition around. For years I only worked on Serpentine as strictly a side project, which meant I didn't have much time to add cool new features or fix bugs very quickly. However, as of Spring 2013, I've taken the leap and decided to make Serpentine development and Cobradragon Games my full time job!

What does this mean for you? My first priority has always been to make Serpentine fun and completely free to play, and that will not change. You will still have all the features you had before (with many more free features in development!), but what I have had to do is add more advertisements to the site to help offset the server costs as well as the cost of living for me and my family. That's not to say that you're stuck with advertisements. Today, I'd like to announce the introduction of Premium Accounts.

For people who have come to see Serpentine as a home away from home, a Premium Account is a great way to stay in touch with friends and help support this game! Here are the additional features Premium Account members will enjoy:

Keep in touch with friends
You'll be able to add friends and see what they're up to. When you log in, you can see which boards your friends are on and join their fun!

Make your own custom game rooms
You can decide exactly which ruleset you want to play with, and invite your friends to play with you!

Whisper chat to friends
You can have conversations with friends no matter what part of the site they're on!

Invite friends to play
Invite friends to join you in whatever game board you're playing.

Completely Ad-Free

Only free players will see advertisements. By supporting the site with a Premium Account, your Serpentine experience will be completely ad-free.

For the price of a nice cup of coffee, you can help support this wonderful game! Memberships can be canceled at any time through your paypal account or by emailing me any time.

Note: Please make sure you click the Return to Cobra Dragon Games button at the end of your purchase, otherwise, there will be a delay before your account will be upgraded.

Please log in before you upgrade.