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An update on upcoming changes

By: Adam Plumb 9.6 years ago
Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback in my last post, there were a bunch of really good ideas there that I will consider. I don't want to leave people hanging though, so here's an update.

Serpentine has always been a hobby for me, and once I finished it and was happy with how it came out I have pretty much left it alone. I have to pay for the server I host the game on, and I pay for the domain name, but the advertisements and donations people have generously provided me have been able to pay for those costs with a small amount left over. I think a lot of us have been happy with the status quo, and maybe some here would like it to stay the same forever. And I could leave things alone, but I have a lot of ideas, and the ability to make those ideas a reality. What I haven't had was the time and energy to execute on those ideas once my regular work week was over.

I've made a leap of faith and am leaving my full-time job (I will still do part time consulting work for now) and I'm going to see what I can accomplish if I make Serpentine my full time job.

I have lots of ideas on how to make Serpentine better, and I will share those with you soon, but I want everyone to know that my main goal will always be to provide the same core experience that you already have. Serpentine will always be free to play and will always be the fast-paced and competitive game you know it today, but I'll be making changes to it to make it more engaging and easier for new players to pick up. I'll also be adding goodies for those of you who have been around a while, to keep you interested. And there will be a complete website redesign that will better let me leverage my ideas and make them a reality.

In closing, I'm excited about what the next few months are going to look like! You can look forward to some more news and updates in the next few weeks.

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