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Profile Preferences

Sets the picture that is displayed with each of your posts.
May only be a jpeg, gif, or png.
Name Preferences
Name Color: Sets the color of your name when posting.
Name Style: Sets the extra styles of your name when posting.
Name Size: Sets the size of your name when posting.
Name Font Face: Sets the font face of your name when posting.
Message Preferences
Smilies: Enables/Disables turning emotes into images.
Viewing Mode: Selecting "Flat" allows you to view all posts in a thread at once, while "Individual" shows you one message at a time.
Index Preferences
New/Edited Message Notifications: Sets whether or not you receive visual notifications when a thread has been posted in or an existing thread has been edited. This setting affects both the thread index and forum list.
Links Point to New/Edited Posts: If New/Edited message notifications are enabled, this setting causes the links to threads in the index to point to the recently edited post or new post.