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Hi all! I've put some work into enabling mobile-style mousing. Instead of the Click-Drag-Click mechanism we've all grudgingly grown to be ok with, now we have a more natural (and mobile-friendly) Mousedown-Drag-Mouseup. This new way of mousing should actually be a bit faster since it requires two less actions (mousedown vs click, which is a mousedown then mouseup).

For the time being, I'm making the new mousing mechanism opt-in only. You'll see a new checkbox option on the lower left hand side of the page called Click & Hold Mousing. If you enable that checkbox, your mousing will change to the new style.

I'd love to hear what you guys think! Either email me or send me a tweet on my new <a href="">Serpentine twitter feed</a>
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»  A new mousing optionadamplumb10/6/2014 9:00PM