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05/13/2013 3:18PM
A more engaging input experience
After feeling somewhat disengaged by the word entering experience, I've spent the past few days working on an overhaul. The overhaul incorporates two changes that I'm really excited about. First, and most importantly, it gives you instant visual feedback telling you how you're doing in the current round. That is done with the red-to-blue temperature meter that shows you how many points you are expected to gain/lose this round. The second change provides better feedback about the last word you entered and what the result was.

A picture tells a thousand words:

It's a nice new feature and I like it! It's much easier to see than keep flicking my eyes off to left and right.

Have to say I tried it all day long and I hate it do not like the color banner under it , do not like the falshing points where u are just over all think it is extremely distracting which i could have the old box back like all other games and so do most people that are in the room regualrly. Thanks for all your work adam , I love the people that I have played with for years and appreciate u alot. I will give you money when I am able too but thanks from the bottom of my heart!

I would like to suggest a change to the word chart. As a player finds a word, the word chart changes to tell you how many words are left. If a player finds all the words, the word chart reverts back to the original number of words in the board. If i find all the words on a board with 5 words, for example, it reverts back to telling me there are 5 words left to find. I don't always look at the word chart at the beginning of a round. As a result, I will spend the last minute or so looking for words that are not there. Is it possible to just leave it at 0 words left so that a player knows there are no words left to find?

Thanks for letting me know about that, I'll look into it. It sounds to me more like a bug than a feature request.

I find the rainbow banner annoying and distracting. Guess it is fun for you to try new things Adam...but remember we are not all teenagers or 20 or 30 somethings playing this game (which I do appreciate having believe me) and many of us do it to stop distractions and fewer gadgets would be better! Thanks for trying and your hard work. Terryan
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