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Have to say I tried it all day long and I hate it do not like the color banner under it , do not like the falshing points where u are just over all think it is extremely distracting which i could have the old box back like all other games and so do most people that are in the room regualrly. Thanks for all your work adam , I love the people that I have played with for years and appreciate u alot. I will give you money when I am able too but thanks from the bottom of my heart!
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»  A more engaging input experienceadamplumb05/13/2013 3:18PM
»  RE: A more engaging input experiencefairyhedgehog05/14/2013 2:52AM
»  RE: A more engaging input experienceerth2mrs05/14/2013 6:25AM
»  RE: A more engaging input experiencebuffy05/13/2013 10:19PM
»  RE: A more engaging input experienceadamplumb05/14/2013 8:20AM
»  RE: A more engaging input experienceterryan05/14/2013 2:13PM