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I find the rainbow banner annoying and distracting. Guess it is fun for you to try new things Adam...but remember we are not all teenagers or 20 or 30 somethings playing this game (which I do appreciate having believe me) and many of us do it to stop distractions and fewer gadgets would be better! Thanks for trying and your hard work. Terryan
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»  A more engaging input experienceadamplumb05/13/2013 3:18PM
»  RE: A more engaging input experiencefairyhedgehog05/14/2013 2:52AM
»  RE: A more engaging input experienceerth2mrs05/14/2013 6:25AM
»  RE: A more engaging input experiencebuffy05/13/2013 10:19PM
»  RE: A more engaging input experienceadamplumb05/14/2013 8:20AM
»  RE: A more engaging input experienceterryan05/14/2013 2:13PM